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The Best Way of Political Marketing- to Win

The Best Way of Political Marketing- to Win. Digital Marketing has been playing an important role in politics for decades. With the advancement of technology, politicians have acquired the skill to influence their voters through digital  communications .  You may be surprised to hear the term "political marketing".  It is relatively new to other branches of mainstream marketing. But you are familiar with the term ''political propaganda''.  Although I'm not a politician, I understood the significance of marketing in the political arena a few years ago when I received a phone call.  That was a candidate's recorded voice asking me to cast a vote   in favour of him.  They've communicated to me, a lthough I was not a voter in that constituency.  Nowadays, it's a common practice of all political parties.  Remember, political marketing doesn't mean merely an election campaign- it is much more. Analysis of political activities from the marketing pe

How to Grow with the Stunning Email Marketing Campaigns

How to Grow with the Stunning Email Marketing Campaigns.

Email Marketing is an effective way to make non-stop money and boost the growth of your business. It is one of the smartest strategies to reach out to your customers, even without spending a single dime. 

Sending frequent messages through email can build a strong relationship with the targeted audience that helps grow your overall business.

This content will render in-depth knowledge on how to connect with the audience via this powerful tool. It is meant to guide you on setting up a profitable email marketing strategy. 

This piece of content will inform you about the multiple factors that can make email marketing campaigns a real success. If you are a beginner in the world of email marketing, this is a perfect guide for you to get started.

So, learn to become a gem of promoting your brand, selling products or services, and increasing profit using powerful email campaigns.

Now, I'm going to provide some statistics that show the significance of email marketing.

According to Hubspot
  • The number of daily email users is 3.9 billion.
  • 35% of marketers send 3 to 5 mail per weak to their customers.
  • 80%of professional business owners believe that email marketing can increase customer retention.
  • 81% of B2B marketers say that sending the newsletters through email is their most applied method of content marketing. 
The number of daily send and received emails worldwide is increasing rapidly. 
According to Statista, it was 293.6 billion in 2019, which is expected to reach 319.6 billion in the next year(2021).

According to the Content Marketing Institute,2020, email is the top priority content distribution channel of 87% of B2B marketers.

Email is the second most channel (81%) used for customer acquisition after the website (89%).

83% of B2B marketers use email newsletters as part of their content marketing strategy.

Hope the statistics will help you understand how email marketing can help grow your business in 2021 significantly.

What is Email Marketing and How Does it Work?

Email marketing is the process of sending messages to promote products or services using email. You can reach out to the present as well as potential customers through their emails. 

It's a powerful tool that helps convert your prospects into customers and turn the irregular customers into permanent.

Apart from the promotion of products or services, you can use it as a tool to develop a relationship with them and inform them about any update of your products/services or business.

So, email marketing is about sending commercial messages to the target audience through email to increase their awareness and interest in your products or services.

This doesn't mean that you have emailed 1000 prospects today and all become the customers tomorrow.

Email marketing works from the roots. This is an effective way to connect with your audience.

It connects new prospects and strengthens relationships with existing ones through effective communication.

Over time, it influences the audience at every step from lead generation to conversion and helps retain the current customer.

People do not consider buying a product or service until they are aware of the quality and thus develop an interest in it.

Email marketing campaigns play a prominent role in developing new people’s interest in your product/brand, whom you have never met.

First things First

Before launching your first email marketing campaign, you should understand two fundamental aspects of it.
  • Get permission 
  • Marketing Funnel

Getting permission is an integral part of email marketing campaigns. The permission-based mailing list has more OR (Open Rate) and CTR (Click Through Rate).

When it comes to email marketing, you need to get permission from the recipients. 

Permission means explicit consent by the recipients to receive marketing content.
So, include a check box for the permission with a clear statement.

Example of the check box: ''I would like to receive marketing newsletters from Edumedia'' (replace with the name of your domain name).

Sending mail to people who haven't given you permission may report it as spam, which may damage your brand reputation.

Sending commercial email attracts the CAN-SPAM ACT.  Non-compliance will result in a hefty amount of penalty.

Read the Guideline carefully and adhere to it. 

The CAN-SPAM Act was enacted to regulate commercial email in 2003. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is responsible for the enforcement of the Act.


Email marketing doesn't work as a market place. It is all about the marketing funnel.

The Idea of Marketing Funnel

                     Marketing Funnel

What is a Marketing Funnel? 

Marketing Funnel (aka purchase funnel, sales funnel, and consumer funnel) was developed by E. St. Elmo Lewis in 1890.

The marketing funnel describes the journey of a prospect. The journey starts from the point of attraction and ends at the point of action (purchase). 
The model is referred to as the AIDA model. 
According to this model, A Funnel consists of 4 stages-Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action.
  • Awareness- in this stage, your prospect is aware of your products/services.
  • Interest- showing interest to know more about the products/services or your brand. 
  • Desire- maturing the product lover and desiring to have it (decided to buy).
  • Action- taking action to buy (turning a lead to customer).

Benefits of Email Marketing

The advantages or benefits of email marketing are enormous. Each kind of business can grab the opportunity to grow fast with this. 

I'm flashing here 6 high-impact benefits that will boost the growth of every type of digital marketing faster.

1.Self Ownership

It is your own digital marketing channel, meaning you are the owner of your resources, even the platform itself. 

If you compare it with social media, you can easily comprehend the great benefit of ownership.

If social media suspend you for any reason, you may lose the content you've posted and your followers too.

In email marketing, you own every resource, including the mailing list and the content you sent to your contracts.

2.Higher Conversion Rate

As soon as they sign up, your subscribers become ready to receive your messages. In many cases, they even wait for your mail to arrive. So the audience is matured and interested in your brand. 

That's why its conversion rate is much higher than the mainstream marketing channels.


Compared to other marketing channels, the cost associated with this is lower. Some platforms offer a little charge for automation, tracking, and evaluating your emails. 

As a small business owner, if you think a little cost for sending bulk mail may be hard to bear in the initial stage, you can run your campaigns with a free version. 

4.Easy to measure the outcome

Most email marketing software has the features of tracking and measuring the progress of your campaigns. 

You can analyze the open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, and other metrics. 

Based on your analysis, you can identify the metrics where improvement is needed and take appropriate actions. 

5.Improve Communication

Communication is an important aspect of marketing. It can impact the overall growth of your business, irrespective of its size.

Email marketing is one of the best marketing channels that help improve communication with your audience and boost their engagement.

6. Privileges of Personalization

Email marketing involves the efforts of personalization that increase the open and click-through rate.

Besides, highly personalized mail helps build a strong relationship with the audiences and establish your brand loyalty.

Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing-Eye-Opening Statistics.

Customers' preference for receiving promotional content through email is much higher than through social media.

72% prefer to receive the content via email as against 17% via social media networks.

Email is 4ox more productive in acquiring new customers than Twitter or Facebook.

Successful digital marketers know that email marketing is a more powerful tool. They prefer to invest time and money in email marketing as it produces a higher return on investment [ROI] than social media marketing.

The investment of $1 in email marketing can produce an average ROI of $51. This means that email marketing has an extensive ROI of 5100%.[Last year it was nearly $39]

Source: SuperOffice

Grow your business fast with this striking marketing channel. As it provides an extensive ROI, you should leverage it to grab the opportunity to earn a lot of money. 

Different types of email 

There are several types of emails used for different purposes. 

Here are 9 popular types of emails:

1. Welcome Email 

Typically, this the first communication with the people you don't know. Sending a series of welcome mail help to develop the interest in your business. It is useful in nurturing the leads.
It helps in turning the suspect into a prospect and later a customer.
2. Email Newsletter

The newsletter is a widely used type of mailing campaign, used for diverse purposes. 

It's an excellent tool to promote an educational course. It is a hot favorite of content marketers. Embedding an image to a newsletter increases the visual effect.

If you're a team leader, use this tool to educate the members. No matter if you're the leader of a network marketing group or a group of corporate employees, it works.

3. Promotional Emails

As the name suggests, the purpose of sending a promotional email is to promote products by adding some more value. 

Examples- a free offer, an attractive discount, etc.

4. Event invitation 

This kind of email is sent to promote upcoming events. While writing the content, you should every detail such as date, time, venue, etc. 

Explain every benefit of attending/participating in the event. Let people know why they should be a part of the event. Embed a catchy image to the content to make it attractive and colorful.

5. Transactional Email
It is a specialized type of automated message. It is not used for a marketing campaign but helps establish a relationship with the customers.
Examples- sending receipts, shipping notifications, password reset, etc. 

6. Announcement 

When you have an exciting announcement, this type of email beneficial to your prospect and customer.

7. Confirmational Email

This is a type of automated email sent to confirm some actions of your subscribers.

Examples- order confirmation, confirmation tickets booking, subscription to a newsletter, payment confirmation, and so on. 

8. Lead Nurturing Email 

If your subscribers are not yet ready to buy, lead nurturing will help convert them into customers. Sending a series of emails may be required to achieve the goal.

9. Dedicated Email 
A dedicated (standalone) email works as a landing page. It is a kind of notification sent to promoting an existing offer or event. It is used for promoting another campaign.

Steps involved in a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Running a successful email outreach campaign is not difficult if you know the right way. A successful email marketing campaign broadly involves the following steps:

1. Define the Purpose and Set Your Goals
2. Choose an Email Marketing Service Provider(Platform) 
3. Build an Email List
4. Create Content 
5.Launch your campaign
6.Track the results.

Now, I'll elaborate on the steps one by one.

1. Define the Purpose and Set Your Goals

Defining the purpose is the first step towards the journey of campaigning email marketing. Before you dive into the campaign, defining the purpose is essential. 

Defining the purpose and goal setting helps you find the right direction for email campaign success. Setting a goal is the key secret behind success in any field.

Based on the specific purpose of the campaign, your target audience is determined. 

Once the purpose defined and the target audience is identified, crafting the email content will become easy.

For example, if the purpose is to sell Products-

It may refer to the sell your own products, affiliate products, or the products of an MLM program. The landing pages will not be the same for every case. 
So, when linking to your email content, keep in mind that it serves your purpose.
Set a smart goal and take continuous action to achieve your goal.

2. Choose an Email Marketing Service Provider (Platform) 

The good news is that there are many reputable email platforms you can choose from to grow your business fast. You'll find both free and paid versions.
I know most new marketers will be happy to get the free version. Although the free version offers limited features, you can start that in the initial stage.

Here is the overview of 5 email platforms that offer free service-

It is a renowned American company established in 2001.

It deals with email marketing services. 

Small entrepreneurs can use their multichannel tools to promote digital marketing and grow their business. It has a free plan that includes several features. 

  • Marketing CRM
  • Creative Assistant New
  • Website Builder New
  • Mailchimp Domain
  • Forms & Landing Pages

However, the free plan has the limitations of 2000 contacts and the maximum number of 10000 sending per month.

It offers a free plan with the following features and limitations-

  • Drag and drop
  • Photo editing 
  • File manager 
  • Mobile-friendly newsletter.
Subscription limit-1000, emails-12000


This software is easy to use. The free version offers multiple features that include:
  • Autoresponders
  • Transactional emails
  • Push notifications.
Limit-2,500 subscribers,15,000 emails p/m

  • Templates
  • Scheduler
  • A/B testing
  • Automation - 5 events
Subscription limit-500, emails-15000

The free plan includes the following features- 
  • Lite marketing 
  • Automation
  • Simple lead generation 
  • Basic reporting.
Limits- 500 subscribers, emails 250 per month. 

3. Build an Email List

Before you can reach your potential customers, building a list of their emails is essential. After collecting the tons of email, you should divide the list into different groups/segments.
In this section, You'll learn to build a mailing list and segmentation of the list. Making money depends upon the strength of your customer base. To grow your customer base, you need to grow your email list. Yes, the money is on the list.

Keep Learning: 

i. Email list building (Database)

While there are hundreds of ways to create a list, not all of them will work for you. Most of them annoy your readers. As a result, they are forced to leave your site.

You want to make money through email marketing. But if the method of collecting emails annoys visitors, they'll leave your site. 

So I will tell you some powerful methods that will not irritate your reader.

  • Use the Static sign up form on your blog

This is the subscription form used by most bloggers to capture the email address of the readers. 

Embedding a static sign-up form is some but an intelligent way to collect emails of the visitors without annoying them.

  • Create a landing page on your website 

The landing page is one of the popular methods of building the mailing list. It's a page on your site designed to collect the emails of your readers.

The benefit of a landing page is- it doesn't cause disruption to the readers of your site.

Ask your readers to sign up in exchange for something, such as the ebook, video, etc.

Most service providers have the feature of designing pages for collecting emails of the readers. 

  • Use gentle pop-up

Pop up is a small widow helps encourage readers to signup. But the problem is it causes annoyance to the readers. The solution is to use the exit-intent pop-up. 

This is the latest and dynamic pop-up that appears when your reader is about to leave. 

  • Host Events/Webinars

Event hosting is an excellent opportunity to make connections with a large number of new people. This is one of the easiest ways to collect email at the time of registrations. 

  • Append a Sidebar with sign up form

Adding a sidebar with a soft subscribe box draws the attention of the readers. It's a cool method to ask your visitors to sign up without any disruption.

  • Conduct surveys

A survey is an excellent list-building tool fewer people know. Conducting a survey can help to get feedback from the audience. What you get more? Their names and email addresses.

Furthermore, a survey involves little time and effort but increases the engagement of the readers.

  • Provide exclusive content for the subscribers

Content for subscribers only is a common way to grow the subscriber's list. Create compelling content with a magnetic headline to attract your readers to subscribe.

Don't mislead your readers by providing low-quality content. You're asking for their emails in exchange for high-quality content. So, make sure to add value to the content. The headline of the content should be aligned with it.

  • Run a quiz/contest

This is a funny but powerful way to grow your email list. A quiz often encourages readers to read another piece of content-that means more engagement.

If you are a beginner in list building, design a fun quiz with an email capture form. Run the quiz on social media to get the best result.

I'm here to help increase the number of emails of quality leads in your database instead of the number of methods. Whatever methods I've mentioned here are useful.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't learn the other methods. 

I'm reiterating that hundreds of list building methods are there, but my focus is to mention a few that doesn't annoy your readers.

Which method you chose is not the issue, but make it a lead generating machine.

Let the visitors feel that email subscription is for the benefit of them, instead of you.

Special Notes:

  • Don't buy a list- 
You may think, instead of list building, buying an email list is a good idea. You're wrong!

Although it is not illegal, that's a bad idea, of course. 

Besides wasting money, sending an unsolicited email can damage your reputation.
  • Integrate a simple option to Unsubscribe- 
 Keeping the option to unsubscribe easy increases trust and compliance with the law.

ii. Segmentation 

Segmentation of the market and the Subscriber list both are crucial for a mailing campaign. 

There are different types of segmentation such as Geographic, Demographic, Behavior, Psychographic, Firmographic, etc. 

You can use one or more types of segmentation depending on some factors, such as the kinds of your products/services and the size of your targeted market. 

Segmentation is a process of dividing your subscribers into several groups. 

The factors considered for segmentation include-

geographical location 
purchase history 
and so on.

Segmentation helps improve email engagement, bring the right consumers, and establish brand loyalty.

4. Create Content 

First of all, I want to tell you that email content should not be written in the style of blog content

Another crucial point is the personalization of content.

You need to create magnetic content that will save time, increase your audience engagement, and build ever-lasting relationships with them.

There are usually 4 main parts to email content-the subject line, a body, a closing line, and the signature. 

Besides, the sender and recipient fields are two other components, you know about that.

Now, you're going to learn persuasive tips that if you practice, you will soon become an email content writing expert.

Further reading:

A. Subject Line

Every day, you receive lots of emails in your inbox, but you open a few of them rather than all. 

Which factor encourages you to open just a few of the many emails? It is the compelling subject line of a mail that prompts you open and read it. 

Yes, the subject line is the first impression of the audience. It is the Gate Pass to enter into the message. 

This is a line of text that catches the eye of your recipients after opening the inbox. It helps determine if an email will be opened.

Properly optimized subject lines enforce the recipients to click on the mail. 

The subject line tells the recipients what benefits they are going to get from the mail. So be careful while crafting a subject line. 

Write an honest subject line to build trust and loyalty. 

Never craft a misleading subject line. It can damage trustworthiness. 
You may lose the prospects and customers forever.

Craft a magnetic subject line.

The following tips will help you craft a magnetic subject line.

  • The perfect Length 

The subject line should not be too long as it can create a bitter experience for your recipients.

So, what is sweet?

The ideal length is 3-5 words and keeps it 15-25 characters long.

  • Use Power Words 

Use the actionable power words to your subject lines. 

An actionable power word means a word that compels your audience to take action. 

The use of an actionable word can encourage your audience to open the mail. So, use at least one power word which can dramatically increase the open rate.

Example actionable power words: Instant, Free, Discover, Win, Secret, and on and on.

You'll get tons of power words on KLENTY BLOG.

  • Create Curiosity

Make sure the subject line can make your target audience curious about your content. 

Create curiosity as it is one of the most excellent motivating factors. It increases the interest of the recipients to read mail.

  • Evoke Urgency

Evoke a feeling of urgency. 

Showing urgency to your audience through a deadline drives them to feel like missing out on the deal. 

So, it enforces them to take instant action.

  • Personalize Subject Lin

Unlike a blog post headline, the subject line for all the recipients may not be the same.

Addressing the recipient by name is the popular technique of personalization. 

A little personalization of your subject line can increase the open and click-through rate.

The following statistics published on Yesware shows a clear picture of the benefits of personalization.
  • 92% of marketers(7% more than the last year) say people expected a personalized experience in 2020.
  • Personalized emails can increase open rates 26 percent more than emails without any personalization.
  • Personalizing subject lines can boost click-through rates by 17.4% compared with ordinary subject lines. 
  • Personalized emails have 29% higher reply rates and 41% higher click-through rates than non-personalized emails.

Further Boosting Factors

While writing your subject lines, the following practices can further boost your email open rates:
  • Use your personal name in the sender field instead of brand
  • Avoid the negative words that may reduce the open rates
  • Insert a number in the subject line
  • Insert one or more emoji 
  • Caps lock- Don't use, or use it occasionally
  • Incorporate inspiring humor to the subject line if fit
  • Write a subject line in the title case 
  • Test your subject line with a free tool, like Email Subject Line Grader.

Look at the screenshot of an email with the perfect subject line sent to my inbox:

Subject line with numbers
The ideal length of a subject line with power word and number

B. Email Body

The body usually elaborates on the purpose of the mail. The body of a commercial email should contain mostly about the benefits recipients

Focus on highlighting the benefits of the subscribers instead of the features of your products/services. 

Understand the needs of your target audience. 

Identify their pain points and express sympathy for them. Show the solutions to their problems.

Keep your content concise and clear. Make sure, the content is easy to read. 

They might have a busy schedule. Respect the value of time of your audience. Be on the topic throughout the content.

Talk to your audience in a conversational mode, meaning don't use a phrase in the third person.

Use the words ''you'', ''your'' etc, instead of me, mine,''us''. Use social evidence in the form of case studies, data, statistics, and so on.

C. Closing Line

It is time to close your content with a clear Call To Action(CTA). This is a crucial element where you ask the recipient to take action. 

CTA is a button or a line of text that links to the landing page of a website. The purpose is to redirect your prospect and existing customers to take the next action.

Examples: ''Join us'', ''sign up'', subscribe, download, get it free, get a copy, learn more, and so on.

D. Email Signature (Footer) 

Signature is an essential part of your mailing content that you should put at the bottom of your mailing content. 

No matter if your audience pays attention to it, you shouldn't hit the send button before finishing the signature carefully.

A professional email signature must contain essential elements. Avoid including extra information to Keep your signature clean.

Here are the essential elements you should add to your signature:
  • your name
  • your position in the organization
  • contact information
  • your photo or logo of your company
  • a link to the landing page where you want to redirect your email recipients.

Special Tips that Demonstrate Professionalism

🔯 Proofreading

Proofread your mail before you hit the send button. Check the grammar mistake, spell or typo error, if any. Make your content error-free and professional.

🔯 A/B testing

A/B testing (aka split testing) is a process of testing two variations of mailing content.

The purpose of this test helps you understand which variation can produce a better result.

The variations can be made in the subject line, in the body, in the closing line, or any other component. 

Testing one component at a time is the best practice.

Two variations are sent to two different groups (a small percentage of total subscribers) and measure the open and click-through rate.

🔯 Insert CTA in multiple places

The purpose of CTA is to drive your subscribers to take action. So, link it to multiple places. Link it to the subject line, to the body, to the closing line, and of course in the signature.

🔯 Mobile-friendly design

Design your email template that is responsive to any device, especially mobile-friendly design.

Why? Most email is opened in the mobile device.

According to statistics, about 3 out of 5 consumers check their emails on the go (mobile), and 75% of them use smartphones.

🔯 Use an image and insert Alt text into it

Embed an image to your content to strengthens the message. Content with only images can trigger spam filters. 

So, it is essential to maintain an optimal ratio of image to text.

But what is the optimal ratio? No one knows.

For optimizing images in your content, maintain the image to text ratio of 20 to 30 percent. While using an image use Alt text.

🔯 Send an email at the right time

To succeed in email marketing, it is crucial to send the right content to the right people at the right time. 

You know your target audience(right people). You've crafted the magnetic content (right content). Hit the send button at the right time.

What is the right time? It depends.

The deciding factors include-
  • marketing goals, 
  • type of content, 
  • the behavior of the audience, and many.

Compiling several studies, Coschedule finds, Tuesday is the best day of the week, followed by Thursday and Wednesday. Most emails are sent these days.

Best time to send email to succeed in email marketing campaign

Best Time of the Day

You know most people check their mail in the morning event before 6'o clock.

Various studies show that the open and click-through rate is higher at 9 am-11 am.

So, 9 to 11 in the morning is the ideal time for sending a commercial message.

🔯 Automate your email campaign

Sending emails to different subscribers is a time-consuming process.
Automation is the process of sending a series of emails to your subscribers.

  • Sending an automated welcome email series can increases revenue by 13% compared with a single welcome email.
  • The click rate of automated emails is 119% higher than broadcast emails.
Apart from saving time and effort, automation increases the conversion rate. 

The growth of digital marketing depends on the conversation. So, while choosing the software, make sure the feature of automation is available. 

Automation allows you to track every campaign and help analyze the opportunity for improvements.
The following are the essential metrics to track and analyze:
  • open rate
  • click-through rate
  • conversion rate
  • unsubscribe rate

Final Thought

In this Jumbo-sized article, you have learned the most essential aspects of email marketing campaigns.

The growth of your business does not depend solely on your knowledge and skills. You need action for their practical application. Monetize your knowledge and skills.

Now is the time to act. Start your first promotion and start earning money through email marketing.

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