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How Can You be Financially Free (Freedom of Money)

How Can You be Financially Free-(Freedom of Money)

Many people nowadays talk about financial freedom or economic freedom, especially those who are engaged in the profession of marketing.

However, not everyone understands the underlying meaning of economic freedom or financial independence.

Many have confused the notion of financial independence with financial well-being.

You can be called "financially sound" if you don't have a shortage of money to meet the basic needs of life.

Financial freedom means a lot. In addition to meeting basic needs, it refers to your luxurious life and instant ability to fulfill all dreams.

So prosperity (well-being) and freedom are two separate economic conditions based on which you may call a person rich or wealthy.

Freedom of Money and Pani (Water)

Freedom of money and water

The process of gaining independence (freedom) is the same in both Money and Pani (water). This means the same rule applies for achieving the independence of water as well as money.

Water is essential, so its other name is life.

This is not easy for you to realize the consequence of the water crisis if you have already achieved ''water freedom''. If you have enough water at your house, use it as much you required, and sometimes misuse it, then you've achieved water freedom.

How the real crisis of water makes life miserable, only those who have witnessed it can understand it better.

You will find many villages in the world, including our country, where you have to fetch water from a long-distance pond, river, or tube well by filling one or more containers to meet your daily water needs.

measure water to use for every purpose. I have seen economically affluent families where they have to bathe in half a bucket of water.

 Even, more surprising fact, the water that is spread during bathing is stored for the second use [in the toilet or in the wash of clothes].

If you are a guest in such a house, you will not find any deficiency in their hospitality as there is no food crisis. Their only problem is the lack of water. 

So they use minimal water. In other words, they live by compromising with water.

They have heard a lot of advice on how to overcome this problem and act accordingly. The essence of all advice was to increase the size and number of water containers/bucket.

As a result, although the situation has improved somewhat, the original problem has not been resolved. As many can bathe in one bucket of water instead of half a bucket, but they do not have enough water to use as they wish. 

So free consultation to achieve ''water independence'' did not work.

What is the right advice for achieving water independence?

Install a water tap in your house that can be turned on and water will flow.

The one and the only way to achieve ''water independence'' is to have a water tap in the house. 
Those who use a sufficient amount of water have water taps in their homes, this is the reality.

Economic freedom

You have no record of how much advice you have received in your life about how to overcome the economic crisis. But if you look at the essence of them, you will see that you have been asked to increase the number or size of money bags.

You are tired of following all these tips. Working 18 hours instead of 6 hours. Time is not being sold to more than one company instead of one. 

You're changing companies frequently or joining new professions in the hope of getting a little more value so that your large 'money bag' fills up quickly.

Meanwhile, the combined effects of rising product prices, tax increases, new items, and many more are emptying all your money bags.

As a result, he passed on the necessities of life to the luxurious group.

Achieving financial independence is a long way off. They could not solve the financial crisis. Because they did not find the right way to achieve financial freedom or did not have time to find the right way.

How to get time! They spend 18 hours to make money or sell. The remaining 6 hours are spent on eating, sleeping, social media, etc., these can not be blown away as a luxury!

Financial freedom means having the ability to spend money as you wish. Financial freedom is the ability to meet the needs of the most essential, least needed, and luxurious items.

The one and the only way to achieve financial freedom.

The only way to become financially independent is to change your income. Like water freedom, you have to sort out a ‘money-making machine’ that turns on and the money comes out. Its name is Passive Income.

What is Passive Income and How to Earn It?

Passive Income is the income derived as rent, interest, dividend, royalty, or any other form from any asset you acquired. 

According to Internal Revenue Service(IRS), ''passive income can come from two sources: rental property or a business in which one does not actively participate, such as being paid book royalties or stock dividends''.

It is true, earning passive money involves less or no effort but you need to acquire or create an asset that can earn money for you. creating passive income-generating assets involves much effort and time.

So, you shouldn't expect enormous wealth overnight as passive income isn't the 'get rich quick scheme'. 

For earning money, you have two choices, earn to meet the daily needs or earn to fulfill your dreams. When it comes to your ''financial dreams'', it is the passive income through which you can fulfill them.

I have published an article on Edumedia, where you can get the basic knowledge of how to earn passive money.

Here, I will explain it with the help of examples.

The story of Kelo and Velo

There was an unknown and underdeveloped village where most of the people were engaged in agriculture. At one end of the village was a river that had water almost all year round. 

Schools, colleges, markets, courts, and various offices were all on the other side of the river. So, the villagers often had to cross the river on foot for necessary work.

Two educated young men named Kelo and Velo lived in that village. They were intimate friends too. Suddenly, both of them decided to do their own business.

Both of them launched their separate businesses on the first morning of a new year with an equal amount of capital. 

Although the purpose and type of business of both were the same, the idea was different.

The Business of Kelo

Kelo bought a boat for the villagers to cross the river. In return, he charged fare per person. Bicycles or motorbikes cost extra to cross.

From the first day, he started earning and in just three months he got his investment back. So his ROI was 33.33% per month which is very attractive.
However, for this, Kello had to work as a boatman for 16 hours daily.

The Business of Velo

Velo bought some bamboo as per his plan to build a bamboo bridge over the river. It took him a whole month to complete the bridge. He started on 1st January and completed the project on the 31st of the same month. 

After finishing the bridge he installed automated gates on the edges connected with a box to each gate for dropping the fare. Pay the fare gate will open automatically.

He got an asset (a tap of money).

Although he had no income in the first month, the fare he collected in the next two months was equal to the total income of 3 months earned by Kello. So, you can say the ROI of Velo 50% per month.

Despite the rate/ fare are the same, the crowd was much higher than expected on ''the bamboo bridge'', especially the crowd of bicycles and motorcycles. 

What did you learn from the businesses of Kelo and Velo?

I can guess what you are thinking. 
Despite the loss of the first month's income, the earning potential of the bamboo bridge is much higher than the boat owned by Kelo.

Yes, that's a point but I'd like to tell you to think about it from the perspective of freedom-freedom of time and freedom of money.

Velo, the owner of the bamboo bridge is progressing towards the achievement of financial freedom as he has acquired an asset that's able to earn passive money.

Apparently, both Kello and Velo have similar kinds of business, but the main difference is the nature of income. 

Kello has an active income-generating business. He has to work 18 hours a day to earn money, he has to work hard. Time, the most valuable thing he trades. Those who sell time for a low price will never achieve financial freedom.

However, Velo has a business that generates passive income. Once the bridge is complete, Velo no longer has to work or invest time. The system that he created works for him. He can earn while sleeping.
He will be able to achieve financial independence by creating more new projects because he has enough time. He has gained the freedom of time.
Freedom of time and financial freedom. 

Keep learning:

The Final Word

Instead of trading time, invest it in making valuable assets. These assets will earn money for you. This is the scientific way to achieve financial independence (financial freedom).


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