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The Best Way of Political Marketing- to Win

The Best Way of Political Marketing- to Win. Digital Marketing has been playing an important role in politics for decades. With the advancement of technology, politicians have acquired the skill to influence their voters through digital  communications .  You may be surprised to hear the term "political marketing".  It is relatively new to other branches of mainstream marketing. But you are familiar with the term ''political propaganda''.  Although I'm not a politician, I understood the significance of marketing in the political arena a few years ago when I received a phone call.  That was a candidate's recorded voice asking me to cast a vote   in favour of him.  They've communicated to me, a lthough I was not a voter in that constituency.  Nowadays, it's a common practice of all political parties.  Remember, political marketing doesn't mean merely an election campaign- it is much more. Analysis of political activities from the marketing pe

Unanswered Questions on MLM- Idea Panel of Edumedia


Unanswered Questions on MLM- Idea Panel of Edumedia.

  • How to convince your customer network marketing?
  • List of MLM companies offering holiday packages.
  • Can anybody pursue network marketing while doing a job?
Are these 3 intelligent questions on multi-level-marketing (MLM) still unanswered? After finding these brilliant search queries in the Idea panel on the Edumedia site, I asked myself.

Yes, I'm talking about the new feature of the Blogger platform. At first, I was surprised to see this panel. Later, I discovered that Blogger has introduced the beta version of the ideas panel on its platform.

This article will provide the answers to the 3 training related questions on MLM.

Learn to earn money from the Network Marketing Business.
Learn to earn money from MLM. Image Source-Pixaby.

Look at the screenshot, 3 content writing ideas on multilevel-marketing are visible. That's a great tool! No need to search outside for content writing ideas from now.

Unanswered Questions on MLM on the ides panel of edumedia
Ideas panel on bloggers platform-edumedia.co.in

 Thanks to Google and Blogger for providing the ideas on the dashboard of edumedia's site.

 Now, I'm going to discuss the three topics one by one.
  • How to convince people to become customers of Network Marketing
  • MLM companies that offer holiday packages
  • Joining MLM as a part-time job.

This content includes links to tiens, an MLM company. If you buy any products or join under my sponsorship (Sponsor ID 88307164), I will earn money as per the compensation plan.

Idea 1. How to convince your customer in network marketing?

Undoubtedly it is a practical question that every network marketer should have the answer to. If you don't know how to convert the prospects into customers, you can't build a network. 

You'll find the answer in the training module for beginners of any reputed MLM company. That's why I recommend analyzing the training system of your company before joining. 

If you represent the right company, It is not difficult to convince people to join your network or to buy a product. A solid infrastructure, a high-quality product, and an unbeatable marketing plan work together, which helps convince people to join. The rests depend upon you. 

Make sure that all the parameters are okay, start to work. Love your company and products, believe in yourself that you'll succeed in network marketing. 

Self-consumption of products is the first step to success in network marketing. The next step is to educate yourself. Invest time for learning as it is the biggest asset of your life. Participate in the training program for personal development.

Network marketing is a business. Like any other business, it needs a certain skill to grow it. Develop your recruiting, marketing, and team management skills.

If you want to make money from MLM business, you need to learn the following 10 important lessons.

It will help understand how does multi-level marketing works, why it's different from a pyramid scheme, and how to earn active and passive income from a legitimate network marketing/MLM program.

Lesson 1-Who are the customers of an MLM company?

Customers refer to the people who buy products or services of the company. To buy a product of a genuine MLM company, you need to be registered with the help of a sponsor.

No MLM company sells its product to the general public. It sells the products to its members, known as distributors/consultants. This is the main characteristic of the MLM industry that helps to grow your business fast and make active and passive money.

So, you should focus on recruiting distributors under your sponsorship. You may ask the same question, how to convince them to become distributors of your company?

Go through the following fact.

I am a distributor of TIENS, a multinational company operating business in 190 countries for over 25 years. It involves the marketing of research-based high-quality products (healthcare, personal care, and home care), including some bio-engineering equipment. 

One of the best products of this company is the ''Tiens Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus'' which can reduce high blood pressure. I'm confident about the efficacy of it as it can show the result within 5-10 minutes.

When people with high BP come to me to know about it, I send them to a doctor's chamber for measuring the blood pressure levels. Then I help them to use the apparatus kept in my office for a demo. 

Again, I send them to the same doctor's chamber to re-measure the BP levels. In my 16 Years of experience in network marketing, the feedback 99% of this product is excellent. They say,'' it's a miracle, what's the cost?''. 

When prospects say that the product is a miracle, they are well convinced by the efficacy of the product. 

At this juncture, my reply is ''the cost of  Tiens Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus''
 is $205 that's printed on the pack, but you can get a 20 % discount if buy directly from the company.
And my dialogues were like this: 

''You need to be registered with the company. For free online registration, you need a sponsor ID number. 88307164 is your sponsor ID number, and the name of your sponsor is Azizur Rohaman Mollah. Please verify it while registering and insert the correct bank information. 

Why does this company ask to submit the bank information?

Ans: When your accumulated purchase exceeds $200, you'll be eligible to get additional cashback, known as the ''Direct Bonus''.

This is the technique I use to convert the prospect into distributors. In most cases, they become Tiens Distributors as they are getting double benefits- Discount plus Direct Bonus. Therefore, the products and compensation plan play major roles in persuading people to be distributors.

If you represent an established network company with powerful products and a unique compensation plan designed to benefit the distributors, the conversion is easy. 

However, if you're in a newly launched company, you have to prove that it's a genuine multi-level marketing company. People have the right to ask if it is a pyramid scheme. A thorough investigation is needed to verify that.

If you're sure about the company, go ahead, new is always welcome if the company is genuine and offers residual income.

Lesson 2- The job of an ambitious network marketer is to create entrepreneurs 

You've learned how to approach a prospect to join MLM. All the distributors joined in your network are not the entrepreneur but product users (customers). 

Build a relationship with the customers and find out the people having entrepreneurship quality. Explain the monetary benefits of referring the products to their circle of influence.

If you can't explain, invite them to a seminar/webinar where your upline leaders will explain. It works as it helps recover the money they spent on self-consumption. 

Lesson 3- Know the Primary Motivating Factors (PMF) of your prospects 

Identify the Primary Motivating Factors of your prospects. Primary Motivating Factors are the unfulfilled desires of your prospects. PMF can motivate a person instantly as he/she is passionate about it. 

Fire up the primary motivating factors of your prospect, then start talking. It has tremendous effects. Your prospect will act like crazy to fulfill his desires and dreams. He will chase you to join.

Can you find the PMF of my prospects described in the lesson1? It is good health. They wanted to get rid of high blood pressure and got the right product.

PMF may differ from person to person.

Example of some common primary motivating factors are-
  • Money
  • Health
  • Foreign trip
  • Good Accompany
  • Public Speaking
  • Personal Development
Many years ago, Allan Peage has written the book ''Questions are the Answer''. The book has got immense popularity among network marketers. Read the book to gain knowledge about Primary Motivating Factors.

Lesson 4-Define your targeted customers [as per product and marketing plan]

You should identify the right groups of people for offering a product or business opportunity. My target group for business offers is people who are struggling for financial freedom. I will show the marketing plan, instead of the products. 

Lesson 5-Never offers your product/business in the first meeting.

When you meet a person the first time, don't approach to buy a product or join your business.
If you propose marriage to someone, at first sight, the road to getting him/ her will be blocked forever.

At first, sight, highlight your activity and signs of your success, apart from the personal introduction.
If you're a newbie in MLM, highlight the company profile and the success of your up lines. 

Lesson 6- You cant' convince people to do something unless they want to do it.

Leave the thought of convincing someone because you can't do it. You are providing people the opportunity to earn money by doing a life-changing business. If this belief is strong in you, then why convince? There are very few people in the world who do not need money.

Your job is to provide real information so that people can verify and believe it. If your information is accurate, the prospects will contact you if they have the urge to get it.

Lesson 7- Work for the benefits of people rather than the benefits of yourself

The beauty of network marketing is that your success depends on the satisfaction of product users and the success of your team members. Therefore, focus on product user satisfaction and your down line's success.

Lesson 8- Leverage the efforts of other people

If you know the art of leverage, you don't have to think much about convincing people. Network marketing is a business of teamwork. In MLM, You can leverage your time & efforts. 

You can earn money by utilizing the power of leverage. In MLM terminology, it is known as a Performance Bonus/ Indirect Bonus.

Leverage of time

Suppose you have monthly sales and income targets. You need to spend 30 hours per day. That's impossible because you have only 24hours. But, if you know how to utilize the time of others, you'll achieve the target.

 Imagine you have a team of 10 networkers and everyone is spending 8 hours per day. So the effective working hours are 10x8=80. You've produced extra 50 hours by leveraging the time.

Leverage of efforts

If you are asked to move a stone weighing 200 kg from one place to another without the help of a machine, you will say impossible. This impossible task will turn possible if you leverage the efforts of others. If 10 team members touch the stone with you and try to move it, it will be relocated easily.

How to convince people to join your network? With the power of leverage. Use the time and efforts of your uplines, your down lines, and your company. Use the tools, seminar, training, conference, etc.

Lesson 9- MLM is a Business of Duplication

Network marketing is a  business of duplication. Learn the success factors from the achievers. Do what they do and avoid doing what they don't' do. Follow them, act according to their guidelines. Teach your downline to copy these. Learn, practice, and teach is the main principle of duplication.

Why would people join your network? To make money, fulfill their dreams, and achieve their goals. If your marketing plan is easy to duplicate, you don't have to think much about the way to convince people to join your network.

How your sponsor has convinced you to join? Apply the same technique to your prospects. 
Perhaps, your upline has a training system where distributors can learn the techniques. 

You should take part in that training. Plugin your downlines into the training system so that they can learn too.

Lesson 10- Don't use some words or phrases that can develop negativity in the minds of your prospects 

Your prospects may refuse if you use these words/phrases as they have mental blockages. So, be careful about using those phrases while prospecting. Here are some examples of those phrases:

  • MLM (=scam/pyramid)
  • Old company(=saturated)
  • Membership(= I need to invest money)
  • Chinese Company(= cheap products)
  • American MLM (=very tough like Amway, FLP)
  • Indian Company(=money market).
Remember, you can't educate your prospects to remove the metal blockages in a day. Therefore, until you're sure that your prospects don't have an allergy to those words, avoid or use alternative words.

To conclude this section, I'd like to mention that despite all the things right, everyone won't join. Only a few percentages of your prospects will be converted to customers.

This is the law of nature. An apple tree bears thousands of apples and each apple contains many seeds. If millions of those seeds fall from the trees to the ground, not all will mature trees. It happens because of this law.

When you post content to social media, a small percentage of your audience likes your post. Yes, Law of nature works everywhere, even in the digital world.

 Network marketing is not an exception to this Law. So, expect only 10%-20% conversion [prospect into the distributor or distributors into network marketers]. 

That's why network marketing is known as a number game. The more prospecting you do, the more likely it is that the number of customers and distributors will increase. The more team members you have, the more money you can make.

Idea 2. List of MLM Companies Offering Holiday Packages

This question might have two meanings. 
Option 1-Internet users want to know the name of MLM companies that sell holiday packages. 
Option 2. Internet users want to know the name of  MLM companies that offer holiday packages as a reward to the distributors. I'm going to discuss both options separately.

Option 1

Internet users want to know the name of MLM companies that sell holiday packages. That means holiday packages are the products of multi-level marketing companies. Usually, they are known as Travel MLM companies.

The common features of a travel MLM.
Join the company and buy a travel package/travel voucher. Encash the voucher when you travel.
Sell travel package to get a commission.

Build a network to get a leveraged income and other benefits. The main disadvantage of a travel MLM company is that you're not getting products/services instantly. You have to pay money in advance. This type of business is known as ''forward selling''. 

 According to the definition of the Cambridge dictionary, forward selling is ''the practice of selling something at a fixed price to be given to the buyer in the future''.

Forward selling in the MLM program is banned in some countries. Therefore, a risk factor is always associated with it.

After the 2009 scam, [ TVI Express, a well known international scam], people are much cautious about travel MLM.

I'm providing here some information about 2 travel MLM companies along with their websites. You need to check the owners' background, company profile, and legal aspects.

Travel MLM Company

 You can start as a private travel agent here. However, you need to pay a membership fee to start.
According to the website, the company has a good training system. They provide some tools and other supports to grow your business.

Compensation Plan- the type of compensation plan is unknown. For booking a trip, they offer a commission of 3%-20%. They've mentioned some other types of income on the site.

Goodlife: https://goodlifeusa.com/

Compensation plan- hybrid
Ranking System- Start as an IBO (Independent Business Owner) and achieve the following ranks
Tyger Eye
Double Diamond
Black Double Diamond
Crown Black Diamond
Presidential Black Diamond

Option 2

The name of  MLM companies that offer holiday packages as a reward to the distributors.

Amway is one of the oldest MLM companies. It is a USA based company co-founded by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel in 1959. The compensation plan of Amway includes holiday trips for the leaders.

Herbalife is a global nutrition and weight management company. Herbalife International is a USA-based company that emphasizes weight management as overweight or underweight is the cause of many diseases. It operates the business in more than 90 countries. A holiday trip is a part of their compensation plan.

Forever Living(FLP) is a multinational company founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan that manufactures and sells aloe vera-based wellness and beauty products all around the world. FLP offers travel awards to its business owner known as ''Earned Trip''.

Although the company is not very old, the global presence is remarkable. Jeunesseglobal was established in 2009 and deals with Health care products. Jeunesse offers 3 kinds of trips-Sales Incentive Trips, Emerald experience, and Diamond discovery.

Tiens Group Co. Ltd (hereby shortened as Tiens Group), founded in 1995 by Mr. Li Jinyuan in Tianjin, China, began its march into the international market in 1997. 

Today, Tiens Group has become a multinational conglomerate in fields like bio-tech, education, retail, tourism, finance, international trade, and e-business, and more. It has business footprints in over 190 countries.

Tiens Group is marching into the Fortune 500 in big strides by relying on remarkable theories such as "New Swap and Alternative Theory", "New Supermarket Theory", "Consumption Results Wealth" and "Operational Consumption Results in More Wealth".

Mission Statement: "To provide global consumers with quality products and opportunities for education & cause, improve their life quality, and make society harmonious."

Tiens Brand Core: "One World, One Family”

MLM Giant Tiens Operates in 190 countries
MLM Giant Tiens

Tiens offers two types of tours - one for the beginners/junior leaders and another for senior leaders. Here is a media headline about tiens vacation. Chinese Boss Treats 6,400 Workers to French Vacation Costing $14.6 Million. Tiens has created a Guinness world record in 2015. 

In the same year, the company has celebrated its 20th anniversary in France. Watch here the video of the Birthday celebration of this MLM Giant.

The free holiday package is a part of the compensation plan of a reputed brand in the Direct Selling Industry. But the conditions to achieve the travel package varies from company to company.

Idea 3. Can anybody pursue network marketing while doing a job?

If your employer doesn't mind, you can do network marketing while on the job. This is not an issue for MLM companies. Many people started MLM as a part-time business. They later quit their jobs after finding success in network marketing. There are many examples of this, even in my own network.

When I started MLM in 2004, I was a tax consultant. After three months, I've analyzed the growth of the network, paycheck, and market response then decided to continue MLM as my full-time business.

One of my downlines started MLM in 2008 when he was a government employee. He built a stable network by working on Saturdays and Sundays for 4 years. Achieves a luxury car and continues to earn a residual income. 

When I met him on a Singapore cruise trip in 2012, he said that both husband and wife had quit their jobs. In this context, let me say that his wife was a school teacher.

Now, both of them full-time networkers and one of the highest earners of my team. I am proud of this couple for the dedication to multi-level marketing.

If you're doing a job, it will be a wise decision to start MLM as part-time work. The salary you're getting from the present employer helps maintain your family expenses. 

Develop a second stream of income by utilizing your spare time. Continue for 3 to 6 months and analyze the growth and development.

Bottom Lines

You can't make money if you think of network marketing casually. You have to be serious about it. 50 years old FRANC theory no longer works. If you want to be a successful networker, you have to create the strategy of the age. 

If you want to achieve financial freedom, you need to spend time educating yourself. Learn what steps you need to take to get the mature lead so that you don't have to put much effort to convince them.

Develop an online strategy, a strategy that helps you grow your business online. Build effective Social media marketing strategies that help make money.

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