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The Best Way of Political Marketing- to Win

The Best Way of Political Marketing- to Win. Digital Marketing has been playing an important role in politics for decades. With the advancement of technology, politicians have acquired the skill to influence their voters through digital  communications .  You may be surprised to hear the term "political marketing".  It is relatively new to other branches of mainstream marketing. But you are familiar with the term ''political propaganda''.  Although I'm not a politician, I understood the significance of marketing in the political arena a few years ago when I received a phone call.  That was a candidate's recorded voice asking me to cast a vote   in favour of him.  They've communicated to me, a lthough I was not a voter in that constituency.  Nowadays, it's a common practice of all political parties.  Remember, political marketing doesn't mean merely an election campaign- it is much more. Analysis of political activities from the marketing pe

How To Grow Your Business Online With Digital Marketing 2020-2021

How To Grow Your Business Online With Digital Marketing 2020-2021.

It is crucial for every entrepreneur, especially for the small enterprises to grow their business online in the remarkable financial year 2020-2021. Digital marketing strategy is the only way to make huge money online. It can accelerate the growth of sell as well as revenue. 

Can Digital Marketing help accelerate the growth of small businesses? 

Yes. Your customers shifted to online, most of your competitors enter the kingdom of digital marketing. It is your turn to grab the opportunities. Make a masterplan, adopt an effective strategy, and use the powerful digital marketing tools to grow your business quickly and easily.
Digital marketing is a powerful way to grow your business
Grow your business online through Digital Marketing with edumedia. Image source- Pixabay

What is Digital Marketing and How It Works? 

Digital marketing is an online-based method of advertising, promoting, marketing, and selling products or services through the prevalent digital channels. It utilizes digital devices like laptops, computers, smartphones, and other devices based on digital technologies. 

During the last few decades, digital platforms ware integrated into marketing plans and lifestyles. As most people use digital devices, they prefer visiting blogs, websites, video, and audio channels, instead of visiting physical shops. Eventually, digital marketing campaigns became prevalent. 

Key Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Digital marketing permits promoting products or companies to diverse audiences that could not be reached through offline marketing. 
  • Digital marketing is cost-effective. Advertisement on most social media platforms is either free or involves a little cost. Therefore, it is accessible to any size of business whether small or large.
  • Communication and interaction-companies can engage with customers directly, allowing them to obtain feedback and resolve issues almost immediately. 
  • Communication and interaction-companies can engage with customers directly, allowing them to obtain feedback and resolve the issues if any.
  • Market Research- Digital marketing platforms, specifically social media platforms are ideal places for you to conduct market research free of cost.
  • Boost competitive advantage- collect information and data of the competitors. Digital marketing platforms can be used as a means of obtaining data and information about your competitors.
  • Digital marketing helps promote events, deals, and announcements with Zero expenses.

Digital marketing strategies, tactics, and techniques

Digital marketing strategies usually include the use of one or more online channels to increase brand awareness, establish a brand, and promote new products among consumers. Digital marketing campaigns include combinations of the following tactics and strategies.

Blogging- Grow with Google Blogger.

Blogging is one of the popular ways to grow business online. A blog is a form website published on the World Wide Web[www] consisting of content that includes text, images, links, etc.  You need to learn how to create and optimize content for a better user experience.

Contents are displayed in reverse chronological order. Therefore, the most recent post appears at the top of the blog. The blog is easily accessible by the readers with the features to submit their opinion on the specified space. There are many benefits to having your own blog.

They can share the post with other social media platforms. This is one of the powers of modern digital marketing techniques.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-Grow with google search engine

 Search Engine Optimization emphasized the optimization of many elements like keyword research, backlinking, coding, etc. The search engine optimization technique is basically used to improve the visibility of the websites/webpage on SERPs. 

The purpose of SEO is to analyze the search behavior of the users on different search engines like google, youtube, bing, etc.

SEO is used to promote the brand-related content published in the blog to generate huge traffic.

Search Engine Marketing-SEM
Furthermore, SEO is used for Search Engine Marketing (SEM). For search engine marketing you need to buy advertising space from a high authority website with a huge search volume. SEM has a positive impact on brand awareness and brand recognition.

Content Marketing
It includes text content, image content, audio content, video content, etc. The majority of marketers prefer personalized content. It focuses on the writing of content, social updates, reviews, blogs, landing pages, videos, a podcast, etc. Content marketing improves the engagement of the audience.

According to Mentionlytics, an active and consistent content strategy that incorporates elements of interactive content creation, social posting, and guest blogging can improve brand awareness and loyalty by 88%.

Content Automation 
Content automation is a digital marketing strategy that reduces the need for manual intervention in the content lifecycle. The purpose is to automate the time consuming and expensive process involved with content marketing.

Influence Marketing
Influence marketing or Influencer marketing becoming an important concept in digital marketing. As per this concept, influencers allow brands to take advantage of various social media platforms with large audiences.
Reach the influencers to grow your business fast via paid advertising. Examples of paid ads through which you can reach influencers are Facebook advertising, Google Adwords campaigns, etc.

Some effective sophisticated social CRM ( Customer Relationship Management) software is also available[ such as SAP C4C, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage CRM, etc.], you can use them.

Video marketing
With the advancement of time and technology, the popularity of video marketing has increased. Video marketing is one of the important and popular strategies of digital marketing and advertisement. 

YouTube is the most popular platform or channel where you can publish your videos containing the content to establish your brand. You can advertise your products or services, promote affiliate products, or any related activities within the policy framework of youtube.
Usually, videos have an entertainment value and are more likely to be shared. Video content is considered as the strongest motivational as users like to share it among the online community.

One of the best ways to grow your business through digital marketing is to create an Ebook. Basically, ebook marketing is a part of a content marketing strategy.

Create content by adding the answers to all probable questions about the product or brand you want to establish and publish it online in ebook format. It will create awareness, confidence, and credibility about your brand in the minds of the audience.

Email marketing
E-mail marketing or e-mail campaign is another form of digital marketing, E-mail marketing is a means of customer relationship management. 

You can inform or update your targeted audience of any promotional deal or offer, launching of new products, or any other news, announcement, and event. 

Data-driven marketing
Data-driven marketing also known as people-based marketing enables brands to find their loyal customers. Users' data are collected from digital channels without exposing customers' privacy. 
That data is activated and used as a strategy for digital marketing. 

Social media marketing
The primary goal of most internet marketers growing business online is marketing on various social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube are considered the top digital marketing platforms. These platforms are currently used by millions of social media marketers.
Social bookmarking 
Social bookmarking is a powerful technique to grow your business online. It helps increase your popularity in the digital world at an accelerated rate. The phrase ''social bookmarking'' refers to the method to store, organize, search, and manage the content of your website or blog.

Users save the links they want to like or share on web pages and use a social bookmarking or website to save these links. Helps to increase the popularity of the website. Other advantages of growing business online include.

Improves the rank of your pages or the website, helps to gain traffic to your website., and increases demand for your products.

Pinterest, Pocket, Mix, Medium, Scoop It, Digg, Reddit, etc. are the names of some notable social bookmarking platforms.

Display advertising 
You can use a display adverting technique to grow your business online. Digital display advertising is a form of graphic advertising on the Internet. Blogs websites, apps, or social media through specific formats. These include banner ads made of text, images with or without animation. 

Brief History Of Online Marketing.

 According to a 2018 study, nearly 90% of online consumers in the United States researched products and brands online before visiting the store or making a purchase.
The Global Web Index estimated that in 2018, a little more than 50% of consumers researched products on social media.

The development of digital marketing keeps pace with the development of technology, Therefore, the development of technology and digital marketing is inextricably linked.

In Year 1971, Tomlinson sent the very first email, where his technology set the platform to permit people to access the files through different machines. as this was where the Archie program was created as an index for FTP sites. 

Within the 1980s, the storage capacity of computers was already large enough to store huge volumes of customer information. 

Companies started choosing online techniques like database marketing. These sorts of databases allowed companies to track customers' information more effectively, thus, transforming the connection between buyer and seller.

The most recognizable period as the beginning of digital marketing was the 1990s when the term 'digital marketing' was first used.

With the advent of server/client architecture and hence the popularity of private computers, customer relationship management (CRM) applications became a major concern in marketing technology. 

Intense competition forced vendors to include more services in their software, like marketing, sales, and repair applications. Even after the birth of the web, marketers with ECRM software were ready to own huge online customer data.


To Grow Your business significantly in the year 2020-2021, there are no other alternatives to be present online. Billions of people growing their business with the help of the google search engine. Use other free tools available online to grow fast digitally.

Small businesses have already suffered economically in the past few months due to the effects of coronavirus and lockdown. Revival at a faster speed is essential for their existence. Make 2020-2021 a memorable financial year for your financial success.

Enter into the digital world if you are not already there. Learn how can digital marketing accelerate the growth of your business and sales. There is a misconception among many people that they think digital marketing is for big corporate houses. 

The reality is the opposite. Doing business online is effective for a small business owner like you. The basic requirements are to learn how to grow, what are tools to be used for faster growth, and what strategies and tactics of digital marketing are suitable for you that help to accelerate the growth of your business and sales online.


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Wikipedia- Digital Marketing



Grow your business online with edumedia
Grow your Business online.


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