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Discover Link Juice In The World Of SEO

Discover Link Juice In The World Of SEO.

Link Juice popular term used in the World of SEO. In The World Of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Link Juice is the key secret to rank Your Website/Webpage/Blog. It is important to understand how link juice works while building links of your website to other websites.


Link juice in the SEO world of edumedia

Link juice in the SEO world. Image credit- Pixabay

What Does Link Juice mean and How does it Work?

Link Juice also called Link Equity means the value that passes from one site to another through hyperlinks. The amount of value that passes depend upon HTTP status, page authority of the website in which you built a link, and many other factors.

If you want to rank your page on the search engines, focus on obtaining link juice from other webpages or sites. Yes, the more you extract link juice from high authority domains with DoFollow tags is the probability to rank your site. 

Out of many rank determining factors, Backlink creation is a popular method to extracts link juice from the High DA/PA site with DoFollow or Follow tags (or even with no tag). 

No-tag/attribute also signifies the DoFollow attribute. In other words, unless the NoFollow tag is mentioned there, you may assume that it is a Dofollow site. The Link Juice that Passes from these sites to your site is very sweet.

In this context, it is necessary to understand the concept of DoFollow and Nofollow links. The next step is to identify both of these attributes. You can use software for the identification or manually as you like but should have the basic knowledge. 

You should check the DA/PA ranks of the sites before creating any backlink. 

Can you check all of these manually? Yes, if you have time to do that you can, but as free software are available, better to use one of them.

Where can I get Software and Tools?

For the checking of link status, several free tools are available. You can use the free tool  Website SEO Checker that I use.

NoFollow Links

When the HTML code of a page or site contains  " rel=NoFollow" it is said to be a 'Nofollow link' which indicates the search engines avoid that link. 

If You publish an article or guest post on a website with a  hyperlink and If the website attached a"nofollow" tag NO juice will pass to your website which means you will not get any SEO value from that website. 

DoFollow Links

1. If the HTML code of a page or site doesn't contain any real tags it is a Dofollow link because the NoFollow tag is absent. 

Example of Without attribute: <a href=””>link text here </a>.

2. If the HTML code of a page or site contains a tag like " rel=" follow"  it is a Dofollow link.
This instructs the search engines to follow your site, Therefore, the link juice will pass to your website.

Example of N0-follow attribute: <a href=”” rel=”follow”>link text here </a>.

How to Get Link juice on Your Website?

The simple answer to this is to create high -quality backlink. But, you should remember that only the backlinks will not help your site to rank. The quality of your site depends on several SEO factors that you should consider before creating backlinks.

 Enhance the Quality of Content of Your own Website.

Edumedia emphasizes the quality enhancement of self-content rather than focusing on the website of others. Link juice will come automatically to your site if you create attractive content. 

The readers bring more traffic to your website through sharing your link with other sites. Moreover, the search engine algorithm specifically Google prefers this type of excellent content for ranking.

Creating unique, original content that includes the following elements.

👉Generate eye-catching Title with SEO friendly keywords with the ideal length 
👉Effective body text combined with an optimized image if required
👉Appealing a conclusion or summary of the content with emotional attachment.
👉Placement of appropriate keywords throughout the content
👉Appropriate formatting with proper use of bullet, numbers, etc.

 Build  Quality Backlink to Other Websites.

Getting value or link juice from other websites is known as backlinks. So, you should focus on getting adequate quality backlinks from relevant websites. 

To rank your site higher on Google,
 one way is to create quality backlinks that include the Directory Submission, commenting on relevant sites, social bookmarking, guest posts, and so on. 

Despite several ways to create backlinks are there, I prefer Blog commenting on relevant sites with the Do-follow attribute. You'll find tons of Blog commenting sites related to your niche with the help of ''Dropmylink'' and Google Dork.

🔆Check DA/PA ranks. Higher the rank, the greater the chance to receive adequate link juice. Check rel tag-Only 'DoFollow' or 'Follow' tags and No-tag Pages will Pass value or equity or link juice to your site. You will not get link juice from pages/sites with the 'Nofollow' rel-tag.

🔆Check the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) position. High SERP will pass more link juice compared to other pages.

🔆Check pages relevant to your content to get more value, irrelevant content may not bring link juice.

🔆Check pages/sites having an active presence in social media to get more equity or link juice.

Note: Pages with 'Nofollow' rel-tag having high DA/PA is important to you for getting traffic (readers) and brand establishment. So don't avoid them merely because these sites don't pass link juice.

You keep in mind the following while backlinking:
  • Relevancy of the page/site
  • Ranks
  • Rel Attribute

Make sure to build a quality site and obtain the link juices from relevant and quality sites is an ideal strategy to rank your site higher.
This is a balanced and ideal method for beginners and intermediaries to rank their websites/blogs through obtaining SEO link juice. 

As page Ranks depend upon many factors, strategy 3 unveils more opportunities to get more link juice and enhance the probability to rank your blog/site.

If you think the content is useful, please make comment and share it. 
Let your website have Some Fresh Link Juice.

Recommended reading the flow of link juice by Woorank.

Final Words

For brand awareness and Google Ranking, link juice is of great importance. So, optimize the link profile of your site through the best internal and external linking strategy.  

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