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How To Make Your Video Go Viral On Youtube 2020-21

How To Make Your Video Go Viral On Youtube 2020-21.

There's no specific formula for getting a viral video on youtube or other video platforms. When a video on YouTube or any video sharing platform gets immense popularity within a very short period, It is considered a viral video. 

Before comprehending that what is going to make your video viral on youtube, Facebook, or any other social platform, you need to understand what makes a video viral on YouTube. 

What's going to make people share your content? Edumedia will assist you in recognizing the way that makes your videos viral.

Strictly adhere to the Guidelines Of Youtube

Read carefully the policy-related recent YouTube Community Guidelines and follow them strictly while making and publishing your videos in 2020.

Make Sure That Your Channel is SEO-friendly.

Channel Title, description, meta tags, and some important settings are to be optimized. It is essential to have your youtube channel well established. Always use the logo on every video to recognize people the video is made by your brand.

Select a Trending Niche.

Make videos on the trending niche. People search for video topics in which they have an interest. Focus on the interest of the people rather than the interest of yourself.

Unique Video

Always make unique videos. Uniqueness enhances the probability of sharing your video. Nobody likes to watch old-style common types of videos. 

High-Quality Video

Quality is crucial for getting success in your video marketing on youtube or other platforms. Always dedicate a while to your video to reinforce its quality which can end in million views.

Low-quality videos will not create impressions on viewers' minds to share them. Fixing small errors in your videos will improve the standard of your video. 

By making some quality videos at the start, you'll get an honest impression. Always make the intro video interesting as most of the visitors skip because they don't bother to watch the entire video.

Eye-Catching Title

Create an attractive title for your video. An eye-catching title with search engine optimization of your video is fundamental to video making profession. 

Once you upload your videos on YouTube or other video-sharing platforms, the Title appears first in front of the eyes of internet users. 

Remember, that titles and descriptions often play an important role in generating traffic. Conduct research to find the right keywords. 

Use the appropriate keywords in the title and meta description. You can take the help of Google Keyword Planner or other keyword research tools. 

Short Length Video

When you visit YouTube, you'll notice that videos with lesser length get more views on YouTube as compared to those with a bigger length. 
Making short videos is one of the great optimization methods. In small-length videos attempt to include more details.

If you would like to urge more views also as conversions then small-length videos are perfect. Nowadays people aren't curious about spending their time on lengthy videos.

Why every Business Need Viral Videos on YouTube. Our world is filled with choices. Today we've access to many cheap, mass-produced, crappy, or below-average options, Therefore everyone lives by their preset or predetermined rules.

With the evolution of the web, marketers are trying to find ways to attach with their consumers effectively and efficiently with Viral videos on YouTube. However, what most forget is that Brand message doesn't mostly go Viral unless it deserves it.

A viral video is one among the videos that become famous through a viral process of Internet sharing, mainly through video sharing websites, like youtube Facebook, etc.

How to make YouTube videos Go viral?

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine and became the emperor of video-sharing platforms. It helps in giving a robust brand presence to small businesses specifically marketing personnel. 

 Millions of videos are uploaded and billions of videos are watched on YouTube a day.
Certain essential steps to be followed strictly in making a video viral. A viral video is one among the millions that become famous through a viral process of internet sharing, mainly through social media and video-sharing websites. 
Sharing a video does not need to download from one platform and upload to others. Sending the link to your video will fulfill the mission.

An SEO-friendly Channel will assist you to make a video viral and enhance views with a large number of subscribers for your YouTube channel. Click here to read the steps to make SEO friendly YouTube channel.

History of Viral Videos on Youtube

Videos were shared long ago when there was neither internet nor social media. Later, the distribution of viral videos became popular on the internet. 

Before Youtube was created in 2005 were mostly through websites and after being acquired by Google, video sharing habits among people continue to increase rapidly. 

That video was dedicated to hosting humorous content. Some content creators started hosting their content on their own websites. 

 With the rapid development of software technology and telecommunication, sharing videos on various platforms increases. 

Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc, became an integral part of people's life.

Some of the viral videos before Youtube was acquired by google

  • Charlie Bit My Finger,
  • Evolution of Dance, 
  • David After Dentist, 
  • Here It Goes Again,
  • Rickroll Leave Britney Alone,
  • Don't Taste Me, 
  • Bro, Keyboard, 
  • Cat, Dramatic Chipmunk, 
  • Hitler's Downfall, 
  • Flea Market Montgomery, 
  • United Breaks Guitars, 
  • Kittens, 
  • Inspired by Kittens, 
  • Potter Puppet Pals Jill and Kevin's Big Day, 
  • Sneezing Panda, 
  • Otters Holding Hands, 
  • Literal Music Videos OMG, 
  • Shoes, 
  • Baby Laughing, 
  • Susan Boyle's Debut, 
  • Miss Teen South Carolina, 
  • Baby Bobbing to "Single Ladies, 
  • Zombie Kid Likes Turtles, 
  • Hey Jude, Kid, 
  • Yes, We Can Hillary Clinton's 1984, 
  • Noah's Daily Photos, 
  • Bank Of America's.
  • "One", Grate Lady Falls!,
  • Randy Pausch's Last Lecture, 
  • Zinedine Zidane's Head Butt, 
  • Leprechaun Sighting, 
  • Justin Bieber Daft Hands Auto-Tune the News, 
  • Fred, 
  • "Chocolate Rain"m Will It Blend?",
  • Thriller" in Manila, Where the Hell Is Matt? 
  • "Lazy Sunday", 
  • Diet Coke and Mentos, 
  • Obama Girl, Lonelygirl15, 
  • Guinness World Record: Most Shirts Worn at One Time, 
  • Tillman the Skateboarding Dog, 
  • Christian the Lion, 
  • Charlie the Unicorn, 
  • Trapped in an Elevator, 
  • Gangnam style, 
  • "yes and yes", etc

What makes your Own Video Viral?

Understand Why and How a video goes viral on the Internet. Understand the trend of the niche you have chosen. 

Strictly adhere to the policies and procedures of the platforms on which you are going to publish your video. Make Sure that the image, music, etc, used in your content is copyright-free. 

Be ready to accept criticism-remember many people like success, but they don't tolerate the success of others.


  Watch this video to know the history of viral videos on youtube. 

Final Words

Optimize your channel and all the videos and promote the videos on social media to grow fast. To get more valuable content, please like and share as much as you can. Stay with Edumedia, Redesign your Life.


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