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Best Passive Income Ideas (2020-21) You Must Know.

Best Passive Income Ideas (2020-21) You Must Know.

Passive income is the income that you can earn without doing any activity. You will find several opportunities to make passive money online. In this article, you will get the best ideas for generating passive incomes in 2020 onward.

Edumedia has selected this topic to help find the best opportunity that can change your fortune forever. 2020 is a remarkable year because of the effect of Kovid-19 on the financial conditions of every individual. 

So, grab the opportunity to build one or more digital businesses that can grow fast and create passive money online for you and your family.

Make Passive income online with edumedia
 Passive Money-making Ideas 2020. Image-Pixabay

What is passive income?

When you continue to earn income even after finishing the job that income is called Passive income.

If you want to cultivate the land grow mango tree rather than rice or potato-mango tree will generate income every year whereas rice or potato generate income once for every cultivation.

Passive income is the present and future benefits of the work you did in the past. Passive income includes royalties, rent of the property, a dividend of stocks.

What are the examples of Passive Income? In the oldest days, passive income generating sources was limited. Passive income from writing books, producing a movie, recording music are examples.

Income from the toll plaza as toll tax is a real example of passive income. Of course, it requires a big investment.

Passive Income is different from Active Income. In the case of active income, you earn money only when you work. if you stop working, income will be zero.

In this case, your income will be negligible or zero in the initial stage. Real income will start when you stop working because you've finished the project. It will make money like an automated machine.

Why Earning Passive Income is Important?

Earning passive income is important for some people but not all. How important is it in your life depends upon the goals of you and your family? Basically, passive income hunters are big dreamers.

They don't like the job. They don't like to work to fulfilling the dreams of other people. They have their own dreams. They grow their own business.

They don't like to work for their entire life to provide food and clothing. They work for their dreams and goals. They like financial freedom.

Earning passive money is important for the following reasons:

Passive income is the income you earn while you sleep. It generates wealth and that wealth generates further income that supports the maintenance expenses of your family.

Achieving the goal of financial freedom is possible through provisions of earning passive income. It protects you and your family from any contingency.

How to Make Passive Income with Low Investment?

Many opportunities are available online for free. You can choose one or more as per your preferences. Here, I'm going to show you the best ways to earn passive money from online business.

1. Join a Legitimate MLM business

The advantage of MLM is that the start-up cost is very negligible. A good multilevel marketing program offers both active and passive income. 

The primary focus is built on a customer base as well as a team (also called group or associates) of the members. 

Provide effective training to each member of the group to ensure proper duplication. Congratulations you have achieved your goal.

2. Start Blogging

This is a popular way of generating passive income. Online blogs and websites that can build huge traffic can generate passive income. Here, you need to have a writing skill.

If you don't have writing skills, start a partnership venture with a friend who has good writing skills. Another alternative is to hire a writer like me.

The best way is to learn how to write and create a blog.

Here is a link for you to know How to create a blog that can generate huge Passive Money.

3. Write an eBook

If you have the writing ability creating an ebook is a good idea to generate passive income. For writing an ebook, no additional skill is required. A blog or article writer can do it easily.

Convert your article into an ebook format and make a catchy cover for it. You don't have to be worried about the publication of it as many publishers offer free publication.

4. Create Audio Book

Creating an audiobook is an extended version of the ebook. If you finished writing the ebook, you are halfway to create an audiobook. If you're not confident, hire a freelancer or take the help of ACX-Audiobook Creation Exchange

4. Create a youtube channel

Youtube channel is another great idea to earn a huge passive income. According to the study, the average annual earnings of the top 10 Youtuber is 15 -25 million dollars.

5. Create a Mobile App

If you have a great idea in your mind, bring it into a mobile app, hire an app programmer to make the app. Sell it on an app store like google play, and generate some passive income.

6. Start an Affiliate Marketing

You need to have a website or blog of your own. If you do not have one, design a new one. Use that blog or website for the promotion of the affiliate products. The next step is to connect with companies such as Clickbank, Amazon, Flipkart, and many others. 

You will earn money as per the payout structure of the company.

7. Start Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a modern business model where the online store is not required to stock the products. 
Instead, when a store receives an order, it purchases the item from a third party at a wholesale rate. In other words, the online store forwards the order to a third party.

The third party then sends the item directly to the customer. This model is known as the retail fulfillment method. 
Your income is the difference between the wholesale price and retail price. There is no work except opening an online store. The most popular example of this model is Shopify.

Passive Income Generating Business where medium to large investment is required are given below:

  • Invest in stocks, bonds, ETF's
  • Buy an existing website or blog
  • Buy a property that producing rental income
  • Invest in Real estate projects

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Read some famous quotes on Passive Income here.

"If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die" Warren Buffett.

"The moment you make passive income or portfolio income in a part of your life, your life will change. Those words will become flesh."- Robert Kiyosaki

Moulana Rumi said in his poem not to live an ordinary life-

“You were born with potential.
You were born with goodness and trust.
You were born with ideals and dreams.
You were born with greatness.
You were born with wings.
You are not meant for crawling so don't.
You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.”
---Moulana Rumi


Passive income is the key to achieving financial freedom and time freedom. It is the key to achieving all your dreams. Live like a king. Work to find the source of generating nonstop money and earn passive income.


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